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The quality of our products is one of the main reasons our products are chosen by our key customers, including the three state-owned telecommunications network operators. We have implemented stringent quality control procedures to ensure outstanding and consistent product performance.

As of March 31, 2014, we had a quality control team with 161 employees and implemented over 100 detailed internal quality control procedures, covering every aspect of our operations from procurement, production, product testing and verification as well as aftersales customer services. Our ERP and self-developed MES systems enable us to apply standardized product specifications during the manufacturing and testing processes by inputting certain pre-set production standards. The defects identified by the MES system also provide us with timely information to improve our production processes. Our self-developed data reporting system contains technical specifications for all of our optical fibre and cable products and is connected to all of our testing equipment. By collecting and archiving data from the entire production process, the system tracks any quality control issues back to the original raw material, enabling us to efficiently test and identify any product that does not meet the necessary specifications and prevent such product from being further processed down the production chain. In addition to the product control systems, we also utilize an advanced equipment management system. Through this system, information relating to equipment efficiency, repair, maintenance, failure mode analysis and other important data can be timely and precisely collected, allowing us to monitor the condition and status of all of our production equipment and machine.

As a result of our advanced production technologies and stringent quality control measures during the entire production process, we are able to achieve strong performance and quality metrics for our products, and have obtained various certifications both in China and overseas as to the quality of our products. We have received numerous awards and prizes for our outstanding product quality from domestic and overseas authorities, including the Golden Award for Quality And Business Prestige and the International Arch of Europe Quality Award in the Platinum Category in 2013.

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