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Social Responsibility

By adhering to the core enterprise core values of “be responsible YOFC people” and basic code of conduct, YOFC influences our employees, suppliers, users and stakeholders with accumulated and steady “people participation”, its influence in optical communication industry and the charisma to fulfill enterprise social responsibility, committed to becoming an enterprise “expected by the society”.

Honest management, scientific planning and steady development
Sustainable development is the premise and foundation for an enterprise to fulfill its social responsibility. YOFC has observed law and discipline, paid taxes according to law and constantly made accumulation and innovation and provided its users with high-quality optical fiber and cable products.

Scientific and improved management system

To develop a scientific and improved management system is an important way for YOFC to fulfill its social responsibility. As the largest optical fiber and cable manufacturer in China now, YOFC’s management level has been fully aware of the strategic significance of developing a social-responsibility management system and passing SA8000 certification and decided to actively undertake enterprise social responsibility in the process of its development in order to seek for care for people and full implementation of sustainable scientific outlook on development.
In 2008, YOFC developed social-responsibility management system and specified in social responsibility policy that “social responsibility management, as an organic component of daily operation of the enterprise, can constantly improve the enterprise’s social responsibility conduct, enable the enterprise to observe law and discipline as well as maximally improve employee’s working condition and provide benefit. At the same time, with the influence of social responsibility on suppliers and subcontractors, it can improve social responsibility performance of the whole supply chain.” This policy fully takes into account the enterprise’s existing social responsibility, applicable law and regulations and other claims, opinions of other stakeholders, mission and core values of the enterprise and asks all partners to observe the above requirements as well as seeks for support from relevant parties.

Environmental protection, care for employees and great development of low-carbon enterprise

YOFC believes, in the long term, social benefit and environmental benefit from the investment into environmental protection and energy conservation can't be measured by money, though economic benefit may not be generated in the short term. Guided by such a concept, YOFC first passed the certification of ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system in the industry in 2004. It not only indicates YOFC has been up to international standard in environmental management, but also indicates YOFC will constantly save energies and reduce the harm to environment while providing clients with high-quality products and service.
In 2005, YOFC passed the certification of OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system so as to constantly improve its comprehensive management level and minimize work-related injury and hidden danger of occupational diseases. While enhancing enterprise cohesion, it improved its social and economic benefit.
YOFC pays high attention to environmental treatment and pollution prevention and management; discharge indexes of waste water and waste gas generated in production and daily life, after treatment, can meet the requirement of national law and regulation about environmental protection.

Enthusiasm for public matter and donation for schools
YOFC has always been active in social welfare undertakings and led its employees to pay a great deal of effort for this purpose as well as practiced as a socially responsible corporate citizen with practical action.
YOFC has always engaged in social welfare undertakings with professional and transparent mode of operation. In playing its core competitiveness to win market and development, the enterprise takes education, disaster relief, public welfare and opening-up as the key support direction of public benefit.
In education, the enterprise establishes scholarships in 10 domestic universities, signs 5-year funding agreement and invests more than 700,000 yuan on average each year. Since 2005, YOFC has launched “YOFC Scholarship” plan to fund outstanding students of more than universities including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Wuhan University of Technology, etc. and help them better finish their study. In past 10 years, YOFC has accumulatively given scholarships of more than RMB 6 million and funded more than 1,000 outstanding students.
In disaster relief, the enterprise funds people at disaster areas by providing optical cable materials or making donations in order to help them resume production and life. For example, in 2004, immediately after the earthquake at Ludian County, Shaotong, Yunnan Province, the enterprise donated communication optical fiber cables; in 2012, it donated 200,000 yuan to support disaster prevention and relief at Mulan area and help local citizens make self-help production; in 2012, in Yunnan earthquake, the enterprise produced 15 boxes of professional tool kits for optical cable construction within three days and delivered them to Yunnan by air.
In public benefit activity, the enterprise makes donations to social public service organizations throughout the year, including “one-to-one” aid to children at poverty-stricken area by the enterprise’s employees, voluntary contribution to the employees and social persons needing help organized by labor union. In 2011, the enterprise donated one million yuan to Hubei Women and Children’s Development Foundation and over 100,000 yuan to “heart-warming” project of family planning office, heart-warming project on “three kinds of going to the countryside”, Care 100 Donation for financial help and education, etc.
In opening-up, the enterprise provides all sectors of society with an open platform of study, visit and communication, which accepts no less than 1,000 people in different visit activities each year and accepts foreign and domestic graduate students for practice and exchange throughout the year.
In addition, the enterprise also organizes young people to make voluntary tree planting and voluntary blood donation each year.

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