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YOFC was invited to attend “50th Summit Forum of Optical Fiber Communications”

From June 17 to June 20, 50th Summit Forum of Optical Fiber Communications was grandly held in Hebi, Henan Province, which, themed by “sharing the great achievements in optical fiber communications in past 50 years and prospecting the development of new round of technical revolution in optical fiber communications in next 50 years”, invited many well-known academicians, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to gather together to review development history of optical fiber communications in past 50 years, discuss existing development and latest technologies of the industry and prospect new round of technical revolution in future.


At opening ceremony of the forum, launching ceremony of Development of Optical Fiber Communications in China in Past 50 Years and Yearbook of Optical Fiber Communications in China (2015) and award ceremony of industry billboard were held. YOFC’s chairman Wen Huiguo was awarded “Influential Man” in the industry, president Zhuang Dan was awarded “Outstanding Entrepreneur” in the industry and marketing director Zhang Yanxiang was awarded “the Smartest Person” in the industry.


At special report section of the ceremony, professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Li Dong recalled his experience in working together with father of optical fiber communications in the world Mr. Gao Kun and appraised Mr. Gao Kun using “rare voice of big sound, invisible form of majestic image; greatest deed in the simplest way, the most beautiful thing made by heaven”, speaking highly of his forward-looking vision and accurate prospect of optical fiber communications. Academician of Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences Wang Qiming shared with attending guests his experience in getting along with Mr. Gao Kun, speaking of Mr. Gao Kun’s spirit of exploration and his approachable style of interaction with others. Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhao Zisen reviewed the hard course of optical fiber development in China and expressed current development and latest progress in optical fiber communications in China and the world, taking Global Progress in Optical Fiber Communications as the theme. Academician Zhao stated, optical fiber is the physical foundation of internet, with the acceleration of development of internet, research and development of ultra-low-loss optical fiber have led to a new technical revolution.


At the forum, YOFC’s vice president Zhang Mu was invited to give a report named Improve Innovation Capacity, Research and Develop High-end Products and Write a New Chapter in 13th Five-year Plan Period, introducing to attending guests development history, production and marketing achievement and global strategic layout of YOFC and introducing YOFC’s measures and achievements mainly from innovation capacity improvement and research and development of high-end products. Director and engineer at R&D center of YOFC Zhang Lei gave a report themed Single-mode Optical Fiber with New Ultra-low Attenuation and Large Effective Area for Next-generation Backbone Transmission Network, technically introducing the optical fiber with ultra-low attenuation and large effective area newly developed by YOFC for long-distance land backbone network and showing YOFC’s leading technical power. General manager of YOFC joint venture Zhejiang Lianfei Optical Fiber & Cable Co., Ltd. He Zhenbao gave a report themed Formation and Development of Preforms for Optical Fiber Communications in China, introducing development history and future trend of optical fiber perform.


Optical fiber communication is still growing and has a broad prospect. Success of this forum is conductive to promoting the cooperation in optical fiber communication industry and driving the development of new round of technical revolution as well as writing a new chapter for development of optical fiber communications in the world in next 50 years.

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