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Revealing of Annual List of 2015 – 2016 China Communication Industry (10th Session) —— YOFC won many awards

On September 21, annual list of 2015 – 2016 China Communication Industry (10th Session) was formally revealed at Beijing International Information Communication Exhibition. This session selected Top 50 China Local Operators, Top 50 China Communication Technology Equipment Providers, Top 50 China Internet Enterprises, Top 20 China Virtual Operators in 2016 China Communication Industry List and 2016 Industry Contribution Award, Annual Industry Innovation Award, Market Competitiveness Award, Annual Technology and Product Award after comprehensive evaluation on market influence, scale and profit, major connection and network rebuilding capacity and innovation, major connection technology and business capacity, user satisfaction, business trust and social responsibility index, etc., by taking “internet+ capacity and innovation” as a theme. With a splendid appearance in the annual list of 2015-2016 China Communication Industry (10th Session), Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as “YOFC”) won “Market Competitiveness Award ——2015~2016 China Leading Communication Enterprises in Intelligent Manufacturing” and “Industry Contribution Award —— 2015 -2016 Enterprises in China Communication Industry Contributing to Social Responsibility”; YOFC Yuanbei® ultra-strong G.654 optical fibre with ultra-low attenuation and large effective area won “The Most Competitive Product at 2016 China International Communication Information Exhibition”. At the same time, YOFC booth won “The Most Popular Booth in 2016 China International Communication Information Exhibition upon Wechat Voting”.

Chief editor of Communications Weekly (Net) Xin Pengjun stated, example setting, quality improvement and development promotion are the original intention that communication industry list has always adhered to, and the list is expected to both encourage the advancers in communication industry and convey a direction of value for the industry, so as to improve quality and promote development with the power of example.

Appraisal and election of this session was carried out by CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Communications Weekly under the instruction of relevant departments. As the only third-party industry evaluation system of communication industry, communication industry list has been revealed for nine successive sessions and has become a barometer of industrial chain development, with an aim of example setting, quality improvement and development promotion. It is said that editorial department of Communications Weekly has designed a relatively complete index evaluation system for this session, mainly including the factors of user influence, income influence, development level of solutions, major connection bearing-oriented product and technology capacity, user satisfaction, business trust and social responsibility; based on the opinions of experts, professional editorial team scores and elects. Significance of the election of annual communication industry list lies in setting a good example for communication industry, improve enterprise development quality and promote industry development.

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