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Tamping the base of Manufacturing and Building A Robust Foundation for Industrial Development---Sidelight on the provincial commission of economy and information technology in launching the projects for “building a robust foundation of industry” in an eff

To tamp the base of manufacturing not only has a bearing on the quality of manufacturing for a province, but even determines the potential of manufacturing development.

In recentyears, our province has been earnestly carrying out and implementing the projects for building a robust foundation of industry,  proposed in the 5th Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, taking the initiative to integrate into the national special campaign, proceeding from actual conditions of our province, strengthening the top design and overall promoting, expediting the construction of a powerful province in manufacturing. The provincial commission of economy and information technology has been insisting on building a robust foundation of industry unremittingly, making its utmost efforts to achieve the best result, and constantly creating a newsituation for the development of industrial economy in Hubei, which in order to greet the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China successfully.

Demonstrative projects for building a robust foundation of industry

Ultra-low attenuation single-mode optical fibre made by Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Co., Ltd. has filled a domestic gap

YOFC's "independent industrialization project of ultra-low attenuation single-mode optical fibre used for next generation optical communication network" has been approved by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in 2016 as a project for building a robust foundation of industry. The successful development ofultra-low attenuation single-mode optical fibre by YOFC has filled updomestic gap in this product fieldwhich securedthe nation's informationsafetywith the international advanced level in relevant products’ parameter and index. Theultra-low attenuation optical cable product researched and developed by the project will be applied into next generationof construction intrunk communication network of China Mobile and China Unicomwhich generate almost 700 million RMBindirect economic benefits.


TheYOFC’s staff is putting optical fibre product in order

Theoverall progress runs well, with a breakthrough in key core technology: the typical value of optical fibre attenuation has been reduced from 0.166dB/k of the original process to the latest 0.15dB/k,achieved the world leading level.

The equipment platform hasbeen launched: the construction hasaccomplished the industrializedproduct line ofultra-low attenuation optical fibre and realized the localization of key raw materials in an all-around way. Since January 2017, it hasachieved the mass production of high-qualityultra-low attenuation optical fibre product,which is capable of millions of core per kilometerproduction and is able to meet thedemands anytimefor laying of new type trunk network domestically.

Time node of keydemonstration project: In January 2017, China Mobile hasentirelystarted the online laying construction ofultra-low attenuation large effective area optical cable which is expected to be finished in October. In March 2017, it worked together with China Unicom tostart the online test of Phase I 400G transmission system. In March 2017, YOFC accom