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The First ‘Global Excellence Conference & 17th China Quest for Excellence Conference’ was Hosted in Beijing , YOFC Won the Highest Award of China Quality

In the morning of 29th of November, the ‘Global Excellence Conference & 17th China Quest for Excellence Conference’ sponsored by China Association for Quality (CAQ) was hosted solemnly in Great Hall of the People in Beijing. The conference announced the list of winners in the 17th ‘China Quality Award’, in which Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company Company(YOFC, stock code: 6869.HK) rank the first with the highest score, making the company the first winner of this award in Chinese optical fibre and cable industry as well as the only optical communication company winning this award this year. Mr. Zhuang Dan, Executive Director and President of YOFC, Mr. Jan Bongaerts, Vice President of YOFC and Mr. Yan Changkun, Vice President of YOFC attended the award ceremony .

Since 2001, the ‘China Quality Award’ has been issued for 17 years by CAQ. It aims to motivate and guide Chinese companies to implement excellent performance mode, to improve the quality of products and services and the quality of operation and development, and ultimately to strengthen the competitiveness of companies and the country. Similar to the MBNAQ, the EQA, and the Japanese Demin Award, the China Quality Award is only earned by the outstanding enterprises that have achieved excellent performance. The China Quality Award is the most prestigious quality award for excellent performance mode in china. Its evaluation criteria is based on the standards of the international quality award for excellent performance mode. In October 2017, CAQ became an official member of Global Excellence Model(GEM) Council, demonstrating that the proper operation of the China Quality Award with excellent performance mode as its foundation has won the international recognition.

The selection process of the 17th China Quality Award was started since January 2017. After qualification examination, application material review, on-site evaluation, public review on the Internet, and the deliberation of the China Quality Award jury, YOFC’s implementation of excellence model and the good practices in operation and management have won unanimous approval from the review experts from home and abroad who have summarized the following five pillar advantages of the company: the senior management are visionary, forward-looking and are highly clear about along which route should the company head towards, who have also worked to let the corporate culture play a vital role in guiding the employees and building their soul; the company is determined to make great progresses, has established excellent marketing philosophy, and has applaudable client relationship management practices for carrying out in-depth cooperation with its major clients; the company has worked hard to make technological innovations so as to enhance its core competency; the company has been dedicated to independent equipment R&D and smart manufacturing, winning itself a network of advanced infrastructure and production capacity across the globe; the company has achieved leapfrog development by sticking to its mission and vision, seizing the opportunities and enhancing its brand. All in all, the China Quality Award granted to YOFC is exactly the most important recognition from the authority, rewarding the company’s comprehensive strengths, management practices, development quality and brand influence. The award is also the hardest-won approval for YOFC in implementing performance excellence model in all aspects. 

Mr. Zhuang stated that as the world’s biggest supplier of optical fibre perform, optical fibre and optical cable, YOFC has fully implemented innovation-driven strategy for many years, constantly enhancing technological innovation and smart manufacturing in order to improve its quality of management and strengthening its leading position in both domestic and global markets. The ‘Excellent Performance’ mode was adopted in 2012 through internal standardization, implementation, evaluation, applying for awards, site evaluation, and continuous improvement, etc. YOFC has established ‘Excellent Performance Management’ mode by focusing on the quality of products and services to the quality of management of the enterprise. Specifically, YOFC has applied for ‘China Quality Award’ since 2015 and it took three-year’s efforts for YOFC to implement the concept and method of ‘Excellent Performance Management’ step by step into the depth of the business operation. From ‘Nomination Award’, ‘Finalist Award’, to today’s award, the three year’s process marked YOFC’s pursuit of excellence.

The striving for quality and the pursuit of excellence have brought YOFC huge success in global market: its products are widely sold in over 60 countries and regions around the world. The market share of its three primary business segments – optic fibre preform, optical fibre and optical cable, have all ranked the highest in global market. In the future, driving through the core values of ‘Client Focus’, ‘Accountability’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Stakeholder Benefits’, and carrying out with the quality concept of ‘the Pursuit of Perfect and Excellent Quality’, YOFC will continue to develop further, acting as an industrial leader to promote and demonstrate excellence mode, and to establish its international competitiveness and its impact in ‘Chinese Quality Manufacturing’, ‘Chinese Quality’ of global optical fibre and cable industry through the promotion and practice of excellence leading, quality branding, innovation driven development and stick into the core foundation in quality. 

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