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YOFC and Lenovo Group Signed a Cooperation Agreement for Joint Industrial Internet Laboratory

On 9th January, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as YOFC, stock code: 6869.HK) and Lenovo Group held a signing ceremony for the cooperation agreement of YOFC-Lenovo Joint Industrial Internet Laboratory, representing the two will jointly promote further integration and application of industrial Internet technology in related industries, and driving industrial intelligence to further push industrial transformation and upgrade. Tian Rihui (vice president of Lenovo Group and director of the data intelligence business of Lenovo) and YOFC vice president Yan Changkun attended the signing ceremony.


During the ceremony, Mr. Yan pointed out that industrial Internet has been lifted to national strategy level and plays a significant role for enterprises in improving production efficiency and promoting industrial upgrade. Under this background, YOFC and Lenovo Group successfully come to a cooperation agreement in‘Joint Industrial Internet Laboratory’ to push forward the frontier study in industrial Internet technology together, which generated great impact for both companies’ improvement in scientific innovation ability and technological level.


Mr. Tian also mentioned that Lenovo and YOFC will hand by hand to enhance the value of data and to help the manufacturing enterprises with their “Internet+” transformation based on advantage complementation, equal cooperation, mutual benefit and corporate development. Through joint research and cooperation projects, the two will work together to build the innovative all-optical industrial Internet platform in telecom industry.


In order to fully present the planning and prospect of the laboratory, the representatives of YOFC and Lenovo Group respectively made the theme reports – ‘General Introduction to the Joint Laboratory’ and ‘Lenovo’s Exploration of Industrial Internet’,introduced their strengths, goals and current progress in the cooperation project. After that, the representatives from both companies signed the cooperation agreement of‘YOFC-Lenovo Joint Industrial Internet Laboratory’. Mr. Tian and Mr. Yan unveiled the nameplate of the laboratory at last.


‘YOFC-Lenovo Joint Industrial Internet Laboratory’ aims to create an‘all-optical industrial Internet platform’ and will carry out extensive and deep cooperation in the aspects of industrial Internet, industrial big data, information security management, etc. It strives to realize the application and commercialization of technological achievements in related fields within three years based on the all-optical industrial Internet platform.

Based on this cooperation, YOFC and Lenovo Group will also launch brand new network infrastructure in connecting people, machines and things together through constructing 3 functional systems – networks, platforms and securities, to demonstrate new business and application mode from intelligent development. As a result, Both YOFC and Lenovo will establish a long-term cooperation relationship in complementing their advantages, trying to achieve new pattern of both companies through mutual improvement and joint development.


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