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First Roll of YOI Ltd.’s Qualified Optical Cable Formally off the Production Line

On 24th January, with the orderly operation of the tidy optical cable production line, the first roll of qualified optical cable has been formally off the production line in the plant of YOI Ltd., which marks the second project in Indonesia that invested by Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (“YOFC”, stock code: 6869, H.K.) has been capable of official production. YOFC’s industrial distribution along with the ‘Belt and Road’ strategy has made further great progress.

YOI Ltd. mainly produces optical cable products for internet telecommunication. The headquartered is located in Indonesia’s capital city Djakarta, and the factory is distributed in Caraven, West Java, next door to YOFI Ltd. The project was formally started in July 2017 and its plant building was finished in November same year. After two months of equipment installation and commissioning, the first roll of optical cable products have been officially off the production line which have fully qualified with international quality standards tested strictly by relevant experts. It only took 6 months for YOI from ground up to production which has broken the record once again by our members’ outstanding performance in overseas construction. This is so called ‘YOFC speed’.

With a population of 260 million, ranking the fourth in the world, Indonesia has been maintaining stable political environment and fairly smooth economic development in recent years. The‘National Broadband Plan’put forward by Indonesian government have been dramatically promoting internet and broadband development in local areas. Therefore, it can be expected to welcome the peak in Indonesia’s optical network construction and a huge demand in optical fibre and cable market. Following the effective operation of optical fibre production project so far– YOFI has realized the local production of optical cable products in Indonesia. Both two companies will provide high quality fibre and cable products and network construction consulting services for Indonesia and AESEAN’s optical network construction. Meanwhile, this two companies will be dedicated to root in Indonesia and to impact surrounding countries and regions, strived to become highly competitive and most influential optical fibre and cable manufacturer in Indonesia and ASEAN region.

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