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YOFC Attended the CIOE


On September 5, the CIOE kicked off!


China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE) is a comprehensive exposition in the optoelectronic industry with great scale and influences. YOFC has attended the CIOE for many years. At the expo, YOFC’s exhibition stand has attracted a large number of new and regular customers for visit and experience.

Special products


For basic materials and special core fibers & cables, or device components and system solutions, YOFC is committed to providing customers with special-fiber-based integrated solutions based on fibers, focusing on devices and systems. According to different application directions, YOFC launched four series of theme products.


New special fiber

YOFC exhibited a variety of major products such as 60/100 small-diameter polarization-maintaining fibers, polarization-maintaining fibers for anti-bending devices, and active fibers with medium-high power. Among them, the 60/100 small-diameter polarization-maintaining fiber features with the domestically advanced consistency and reliability.


Fiber laser application

·  30/250 polarization-maintaining yb-doped fiber: it breaks the monopoly of supply at abroad, and provides domestic active fibers with high quality for ultrafast fiber lasers;

·  TGG crystal: it is the best magneto-optical material for making Faraday rotators and isolators;

·  Cluster jumper for energy transmission: it features with high precision, low loss and high reliability, and has been widely used in scenarios such as medical treatment, high-end laser projection and laser printing.


Fiber amplifier application

·  Special EDFA-core fiber: erbium-doped fibers and erbium-ytterbium co-doped fibers with excellent optical performance and geometric performance are in the leading position in the industry;

·  EDFA-core device: wavelength division multiplexers, fiber combiners and high-power fiber isolators with excellent insertion loss performance and splice loss provide EDFA with safe, long-term, reliable and excellent gain performance;

·  High-power EDFA module and polarization-maintaining EDFA module: it has been widely used in broadcasting, telecommunication and research institutes in China due to its stable materials and overall performance, and customized services.


Optical sensor system

·  Brillouin sensing fiber: the Brillouin gain spectrum features with precise control and excellent geometrical characteristics;

·  FMF-based distributed temperature detection system: it features with the perfect combination of the special fiber technology and the sensing technology, and has been widely used in the monitoring of power, tunnels and pipe racks at home and abroad;

·  Automatic monitoring and protection system for optical cable line: it can realize the real-time intelligent monitoring and maintenance management for physical fiber network resources, features with accurate fault locating and complete core protection switching systems, and has been widely used in fields such as communication, broadcasting and defense.

Data center


In the era of big data and cloud computing, the data center plays an important role in data computing, storage and transmission. YOFC’s data center solution adopts the OM5 pre-terminated application with ultra-low loss and high bandwidth, featuring with high reliability and expansibility. It is applicable to operators, system integrators, as well as enterprise, industrial, medical, financial and transportation customers. It can meet the requirements of various high-end technology applications such as AI robots, smart homes, intelligent buildings, 5G visual communication and unmanned driving in the future.

OM5 multi-mode fiber

There are an increasing number of data centers, and the status of the multi-mode fiber, as the mainstream fiber used for data centers and local area networks, is also rising. YOFC’s MaxBand® OM5 broadband multi-mode fiber supports the communication transmission of at least 4 wavelengths within the wavelength range of 850-950nm, enabling the latest short wavelength division multiplexing technology to achieve higher transmission rates.

Optical module



YOFC exhibited 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G optical module products, as well as 10G/25G/40G/100G AOCs, providing solutions for fast storage and exchange of data center signals.

Crystal HDMI


With the long-distance transmission performance of fibers, and electro-optical and photoelectric conversion chips, the Fibbr Crystal HDMI makes the transmission distance exceed 100m with ease, and can be widely used in systems such as home theater, high-definition video conference, radio & TV, and high-definition monitoring to satisfy the user's sensory requirements and improve the quality of life.


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