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Helical Suspension Set

Helical Suspension Set is mainly used for hanging and supporting optical fibre cable on straight pole and tower.

To transmit axial load and divert axial pressure which provide well protection for optical cable, to avoid emergencies happen such as too small bending radius or stress concentration. Grip strength of the Suspension Set is larger than 15% -20% rated tensile strength of the cable, which is fatigue resistance and can serve as vibration reduction.

OPGW Helical Suspension Se

Helical Suspension Set for OPGW will disperse the stress of suspension point to the whole length of helical armor rods; effectively reduce static pressure and dynamic stress caused by Aeolian vibration; to protect OPGW cable from the damage caused by above mentioned factors, greatly improve fatigue resistance of the cable, and extend the service life of OPGW cable.

OPGW Helical Suspension Set is divided into two types in according to span length, fall head and tensile strength of the electrical power line, including Double layers with single suspension point OPGW Helical Suspension Set (abbreviation is Single Suspension Set) and Double layers with dual suspension point OPGW Helical Suspension Set (abbreviation is Double Suspension Set).



OPGW Double Suspension Set is adopted design  proposal of dual suspension housings, the whole set is composed of  Armor Rods, Outer rods, two sets of suspension housing, Grounding wire Clamps and mated link fittings. It is mainly used for OPGW installation and  supporting on straight pole and  tower with high falling head, large span length, and line angle is larger than 30°.


Short Span Suspension Set and Single Layer Suspension Set

Short Span Suspension Set for ADSS cable is mainly used for span length within 100m; Single layer Suspension Set is mainly used for span length between 100m and 200m.






Single Suspension Set for ADSS

If Suspension Set for ADSS is adopted double layers helical rods designing, generally it is used for 200m span length ADSS installation.


Suspension set for ADSS is composed by aluminum alloy helical rods, Aluminum housing and other link fittings.


Double Suspension Sets for ADSS

Double Suspension Sets for ADSS cable is mainly used for ADSS installation on pole/tower with large falling head, and span length is larger than 800 meters or line corner is more than 30°.


Helical Suspension Set for OPPC

Helical Suspension set completes the OPPC installation onto pole/tower through insulators. It is divided into Single Suspension Set and Double Suspension Set; and it's composed of Single Rods, Aluminum housing, U-clip& Bolt ,Rubber insert, Socket Clevis.





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