Stock Code:601869.SH / 06869.HK

2.5G SFP

Gigabit Ethernet, Access, and other optical links

Gigabit Ethernet, Access, and other optical links

  • Compliant SFP MSA
  • 2.5Gb/s bi-directional data links
  • Hot-pluggable SFP footprint, digital diagnostics functions
  • Support 300m to 80km transport
  • Single 3.3V power supply
  • Meet EMI, ESD
  • RoHS compliant
  • Class 1/1M Standard product, Compliant IEC60825-1
  • Telcordia(bellcore)GR-468-CORE reliability compliant
  • Operating temperature 0 - 70℃ or -40 - 8


Part NO. Package Connector Data Rate Wavelength Reach Transmitter Power Receiver Power Remark
Y-03013I000 SFP LC 2.5G 1310nm 2km FP -10~-3dBm PIN -18~-3dBm --
Y-03016I000 SFP LC 2.5G 1310nm 20km DFB -5~0dBm PIN -18~0dBm --
Y-03028I000 SFP LC 2.5G 1550nm 40km DFB -2~3dBm PIN -18~0dBm --
Y-0302AI000 SFP LC 2.5G 1550nm 80km DFB -2~3dBm APD -28~-9dBm --


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