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Motivation Mechanism

For the sake of the delivery of Company's strategy goals, the HR Department sets up a performance evaluation system covering different levels based on the Company's strategic planning. At the same time, it keeps aligning the diversified incentives with the business scenario. In this way, employees can be motivated to achieve the goals.

Diversified Incentives

Diversified incentives are available in YOFC and are always fine-tuned and optimized in line with the business requirements.

Multiple Compensation & Benefits

Include wages, bonuses, special bonuses, hardship allowances, expatriate allowances.

Non-Cash Motivation

In addition to money, the incentives also include honors, promotions and growth opportunities.

Target Different Groups & Different Business Lines

The incentives are accessible to most employees, creating an atmosphere where everyone is inspired to be a hero. Therefore, the incentives target different business lines (main business, new business etc).