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Social Contributions

YOFC leverages its influence in the optical communications sector to build a pipeline of talents in optical communication, secure the supply for emergency communication, and support vulnerable groups. These efforts put YOFC in a better position to feed back the country and local communities and to achieve excellence in corporate citizenship.

    Student Assistance: Foster Talents in Optical Communication

    The ''YOFC Scholarship'' program launched in 2001 has provided scholarships for outstanding students in ten higher learning institutions including the Peking University, Tsinghua University and Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications for 20 consecutive years. We also offer scholarships to excellent students from 3 "YOFC Classes" throughout three years of their study in the NO.1 Middle School Affiliated to Central China Normal University.

    Disaster Relief: Ensure Security of Communication Networks

    In July 2021, a heavy rainfall hit Henan Province and disrupted the transmission of communication base stations in Zhengzhou City as many optical communication cables were damaged. Tens of thousands of users suffered from the bad communication service. In order to turn things around, YOFC reached out to disaster-hit areas in Zhengzhou City by supplying optical cables required for the restoration of communication services, including over 1,500km ordinary optical cables and 2,000km bow-type optical cables. It helped the communication back on track and contributed to disaster relief.

    Charity: Support Vulnerable Groups

    YOFC has donated books to disabled children in Wuhan for many times. We also send volunteers to the hope primary schools and nursing homes every year.