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State Key Lab

Optical Fibre Technology Lab

The new material and basic research on the waveguide structure of optical fibre design and simulation of optical fibre

The new optical fibre with high speed、large capacity and long distance transmission

The Manufacture Technology of low-cost preforms

The PCVD process technology with large-size and high deposition rate

The high speed Optical fibre drawing technology

Optical Cable Technology Lab

The technology of FTTH and series of FTTH Cable products

ODN products and solutions

Data center cable solutions

The technology of comprehensive cable distribution

Specialty optical cables

The manufacture technology of new optical cables

Equipment Technology Lab

The technology of device integration

The new process equipment platform technology

The technology of microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition

The technology of high speed optical fibre drawing equipment

The technology of PCVD equipment

Optical Fibre Application Technology Lab

Rare earth doped fibres

Photonic crystal fibre and application

The High precision gyro polarization-maintaining fibre

The manufacture technology of speciaity fibre products

Specialty optical fibre testing technology

Optical fibre sensing technology

Specialty optical fibre devices

Application Integration Technology of specialty optical fibres

Test Centre

Methods for measuring performance of optical fibres and cables

The testing technology of new optical fibres

The testing technology of specialty optical fibres

The reliability testing of optical fibres and cables

The transmission performance and application

Performance testing of optical fibres and cables

The methods and criteria of testing