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Employee Care

YOFC always puts people first and believes that talent holds the key to business success. It commits itself to creating a harmonious, win-win and sustainable employee relationship. Employees in YOFC have access to diversified benefits and a variety of employee engagement activities. The inclusive and caring environment allows the company and employees to grow and thrive together.
Employee Activities

    Employee Basketball League

    Basketball games are organized every year by the labor union, CCYL committee and basketball association in YOFC. It enhances physical fitness activities in an all-round way, encourages employees to live in a healthy and civilized manner, enriches leisure-time activities of employees, helps employees improve skills of playing basketball, and brings them closer.

    Family Outings

    Family outgoings for YOFC's employees and their children become a routine every year. The third session of this event was held in Wuhan Wenke Ecological Garden where children and their parents had a happy and interesting experience in the fields.

    Spring Festival Party

    The Spring Festival Party is a platform for YOFC's employees to show their talents, and it enjoys great popularity among employees and their family members.

    Balloon Volleyball Friendly Match

    Members of YOFC's balloon volleyball association had a friendly match with players from the balloon volleyball champion team of Wuhan University of Technology. They received a warm welcome from the faculty members at the sports center of Wuhan University of Technology, and players exchanged greetings and had a group photo taken to mark the occasion.

Employee Care

    Employee Care in Summer

    YOFC helps employees cool off on hot summer days by providing them with free cold watermelon and sweet mung bean soup.

    Provision of Holiday Gifts

    On traditional Chinese festivals, gifts are provided to all members. We have been doing a good job in securing employee-oriented benefits and welfare services in accordance with laws and regulations.

Employee Care During COVID-19

    One-on-one Care for Employees Infected With COVID-19

    During the epidemic, YOFC organized one-on-one employee care programs and actively provided effective volunteer service. Volunteers were organized to comfort employees with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 and his/her family members by phone every day to relieve their psychological pressure, make them assured that they would beat the disease, get up-to-date on what’s they need, and timely provide them with protective equipment and daily necessaries in urgent need.

    A Letter to All Female Employees on International Women’s Day

    On the occasion of the International Women's Day (March 8), the Labor Union and Corporate Human Resources Center of YOFC sent a letter to all female members. In addition to online training programs offered by Corporate Human Resources Center on the improvement of women's vocational ability and making-up skills, the competition of cooking skills was also organized for them to show what they have to offer. During the competition, 24 cuisines were displayed and subjected to voting online, generating 10 award winners.

Employee Voice

    Face-to-face Communication on Issues of Concern Between Employees and President

    A large-scale staff meeting is organized on a semiannual basis. During the event, President will brief all employees on operating results of the past six months and future business context, communicate with employees on issues of concern face to face, and provide solutions to these issues in conjunction with managers on the spot.