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Figure-8 Hybrid Optical and Electrical Cable(GDTC8S)

Single-mode/multimode fires are housed in loose tubes that are made of high-modulus plastic and filled with tube filling compound. In the center of cable is a metallic strength member. The tubes and copper wires are stranded around the central strength member to form a cable core. The core is filled with cable filling compound and armored with corrugated steel tape. Stranded steel wires are applied as the messenger. Finally, a figure-8 PE outer sheath is extruded.

• Accurate process control ensuring good mechanical and temperature performances 
• Optical and electrical hybrid design, solving the problem of power supply and signal transmission and providing the centralized monitoring and maintenance of power for equipment
• Improving manageability of power and reducing coordination and maintenance of power supply
• Reducing procurement costs and saving construction costs 
• Mainly used to connect BBU and RRU in DC remote power supply system for distributed base station 
• Applicable to self-supporting aerial installation

Technical Characteristics


Cable size

Cable diameter * cable height


Cable weight


Tensile strength

Long/short term (N)


Long/short term


Bending radius

Dynamic/static (mm)







Note: Xn refers to fibre type. D is cable diameter. Cross sectional area of copper wires for this type of optical cable is 2.5mm2.

Environmental Characteristic

• Transport/storage temperature: -40℃ to +70℃

Delivery Length

• Standard length: 2,000m; other lengths are also available. 

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