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(6+1)×1 Multi-Mode Pump Combine

This (6+1)×1 multi-mode fibre combiner is designed for high power fibre laser application. It combines six pump lasers and one signal channel into one double cladding output fibre. Fibre type can be customized.
  • Fibre Laser
  • Fibre Amplifiers
  • High Signal Transmission Efficiency
  • High Pump Efficiency
  • High Power Handling Capability
Appeatance and size


Product Type MPC3-P13-S699
Parameters Index
Pump Operating Wavelength (nm) 800 - 1000
Input Pump Port
Core/Cladding Diameter (μm) YOFC 200/220
Numerical Aperture 0.22
Input Signal Port
Fibre Type YOFC GDF-DC20/400-0.065
Output Port
Fibre Type YOFC GDF-DC20/400-0.065
Optical Properties
Pump Efficiency (%) >97%
Insertion Loss (dB) <2dB
Max Pump Power (W) 400W
Environmental Properties
Operating Temperature (℃) -5 to  +70
Operating Relative Humidity (%) 5% to 85%
Storage Temperature (℃) -40 to +85
Dimensions (mm) 10 × 15 × 150
Pigtail Length (m) 1.0

*Fibre type can be customized

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