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Vibration Damper (Spiral Vibration Damper)

Vibration Damper for electric power cable is divided into two types, including spiral vibration damper and 4D vibration damper. It can restrain the Aeolian vibration and wave of the optic fibre cable. Installation quantity, installation site and installation distance of vibration damper under each span length should be confirmed in according to the line circumstance. Spiral Vibration Damper is made of engineering plastic which is high strength, aging resistance and high elastic; it will not cause any mechanical damage to the optical fibre cable.

Spiral Vibration Damper is widely used in ADSS cable installation. Each Spiral Vibration Damper is composed of a short part of grip section and a long vibration attenuation section.

  • The grip section can effectively close upon the cable to make sure the spiral vibration damper is firmly fixed on the cable;
  • The vibration attenuation section create damping effect through mutual crash with the cable, to consume the cable vibration energy, so that the Aeolian vibration on the cable can be weaken.
  • Specification of Spiral Vibration Damper

Dia. Range(mm)

Length(mm) Weight(kg)
FLQ 1170/1300 8.30-11.70 1300 0.28
FLQ 1500/1350 11.71-15.00 1350 0.30
FLQ 1930/1670 14.31-19.30 1670 0.66


  • Recommand Allocation Number of Spiral Vibration Damper
Span(m) Recommend Qty/Span
<100 0
100-250 2
250-400 4
400-800 6
800-1000 8

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