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GPX28UGF-ZR Series Main Distribution Frame

This product is a high-capacity optical fibre distribution frame designed in accordance with cross connection and distribution principles. Intermediates between incoming optical cables and optical communication devices.
  • Open structure, line side at front and equipment side at back, functional partition design, clear maintenance management.
  • Unified cable entry, cables can enter from above or below, suits both ribbon or non-ribbon optical fibre cable.
  • Parallel installation of multiple frames supported, equipment side features multiple lines of horizontal cable troughs designed for jumper separation.
  • No patch cord route crossing; ensures fibre bending radius is not less than 30 mm.
  • 96-core rotatable (90°) terminal unit on the equipment side for convenient operations and maintenance.
  • W-shape no-winding jumper route, makes locating jumpers easy.
  • Dual cable troughs, with intra-frame and inter-frame jumpers isolated, for easy maintenance and replacement.
  • Side plates can be configured to customers' requirements.
The order information
Model Capacity Dimensions Adapter Type


Splicing-distribution: 648/Terminals: 480

2,000 × 840 × 600







 Standard Capacity (Unit: Core)

Splicing-distribution: 648

Terminals: 480

Splicing-distribution: 720

Terminals: 576

Splicing-distribution: 864

Terminals: 768

Dimensions (H × W × D, Unit: mm) 2,000 × 840 × 600

2200 × 840 × 600

2600 × 840 × 600

Material Metal plate Metal plate Metal plate
Adapter Type LC, SC, FC, etc.
Connector Insertion Loss (Units: dB) ≤ 0.3
Insert-Extract Durability (Units: Times) 1000
Return Loss (Units: dB) PC ≥ 45 dB, UPC ≥ 50 dB, APC ≥ 60 dB
Operating Environment Indoor
Standards Compliance Meets Chinese national standards including YD/T788-2011, GB/T2423-2008, GB/T3873-1998, and GB/T9286-1998, and international standards, including IEC standards including IEC 61300-3-15, IEC 61300-3-16, IEC 61300-3-17, and IEC 61300-3-23.
Operating Temperature -40℃ to +60℃
Ambient Humidity

≤ 95%  (+40°C)

Atmospheric Pressure 70 kPa to 106 kPa
Insulation Resistance Insulation resistance between the grounded and metal parts of the cabinet ≥ 2 ×104MΩ/500 V (DC)
Withstand Voltage (Unit: V) Withstand voltage between the grounded part and metal parts of the cabinet ≥ 3000 V (DC)/1 min

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