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Optical Fibre Distribution Frame (GPX28D-GB)

This product is used to connect and schedule optical fibre and cables. It acts as a connection point between optical transmission networks and optical transmission equipment, or between access networks’ optical fibre and subscribers' optical cables. Supporting both cross connection and straight connection, it permits fibre connection, allocation, and scheduling.
  • Standard 19" installation, half-open structure, strong dust-proofing performance.
  • All operations at front, multiple frames can be arranged in a row, back to back, or against the wall.
  • Uses a 12-core splicing-distribution integrated module which can be removed.
  • Cables can be introduced from both above and below (optional).
  • Uses FC, SC, and LC adapters, applicable to ribbon and bundle cables (optional).
  • Adapter with 35° angle, ensuring proper bending radius of optical fibre.
  • Cabling space in base; inter-frame layout of optical fibre jumpers supported.
  • Complete set of reliable cable fixing, stripping, and grounding parts available.
The order information
Model Capacity Dimensions Adapter Type



2000 × 840 × 300








 Standard Capacity (Unit: Core)




Dimensions (H × W × D, Unit: mm)

2000 × 840 × 300

2200 × 840 × 300

2600 × 840 × 300

Material Metal plate Metal plate Metal plate
Adapter Type LC, SC, FC, etc.
Connector Insertion Loss (Units: dB) ≤ 0.3
Insert-Extract Durability (Units: Times) 1000
Return Loss (Units: dB) PC ≥ 45 dB, UPC ≥ 50 dB, APC ≥ 60 dB
Operating Environment Indoor
Standards Compliance

Meets Chinese national standards including YD/T788-2011, GB/T2423-2008, GB/T3873-1998, and GB/T9286-1998, and international standards, including IEC standards including IEC 61300-3-15, IEC 61300-3-16, IEC 61300-3-17, and IEC 61300-3-23.

Operating Temperature -40℃ to +60℃
Ambient Humidity ≤95%(+40℃)
Atmospheric Pressure 70 kPa to 106 kPa
Insulation Resistance

Insulation resistance between the grounded and metal parts of the cabinet ≥ 2 × 104 MΩ/500 V (DC)

Withstand Voltage (Unit: V)

Withstand voltage between the grounded part and metal parts of the cabinet ≥ 3,000 V (DC)/1 min

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