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Optical Fibre Closure (Dome-Type)

This optical cable splice closure is a passive device that guarantees cables’ continuity. It consists of a splice closure cap, fixtures, sealing components, and a tray for gathering excess fibre.
  • Suits straight-through, branching, and splicing functions of cables.
  • Applicable to overhead, pole, and wall-mounted installation in ducts and manholes.
  • Built-in stacked and removable splice trays, for easy opening, installation, and maintenance.
  • Splice trays can be added or removed as required, suited to ribbon or bundle optical fibre.
  • Proper fibre routing; optical fibre or cable bending radius exceeds 30 mm at all points.
The order information
Item Type Specifications Full Capacity Sealing Method Cable Ports Applicable Cable Diameter Installation Method
H × W× D (mm) Bundle Ribbon
Optical Fibre Closure (Dome-type)


435 × 190



Heat-shrink seal

1 straight-through, 3 branches

Branch hole: φ8-16 mm, straight hole: φ8-25 mm

Overhead, wall and pole-mounted


598 × 285 960


Mechanical seal

1 straight-through, 8 branches

Branch hole: φ8-22 mm, straight hole: φ8-23 mm


450 × 230 144


Mechanical seal

1 straight-through, 4 branches

Branch hole: φ8-18 mm, straight hole: φ8-18 mm


520 × 245 96


Mechanical seal

1 straight-through, 4 branches

Branch hole: φ5-17.5 mm, straight hole: φ8-17.5 mm


460 × 230 144


Heat-shrink seal

1 straight-through, 4 branches

Branch hole: φ7-22 mm, straight hole: φ7-22 mm


    Product Series 

GJS series, GPJ09 series, GTJA series

    Protection Level


  Operating Temperature     

–40°C to +60°C

Storage Temperature 

–40°C to +70°C

Atmospheric Pressure

70 kPa to 106 kPa

Leak Tightness at Ambient Temperature 

100 kPa internal pressure maintained for 24 h

Temperature Cycle

Appearance and leak tightness maintained after 20 temperature cycles (–40°C to +65°C) under 60 kPa ±5 kPa

Pressure Resistance

Able to bear 2,000 N/100 mm pressure

Tensile Strength

Able to bear axial tension ≥ 800 N

Bend Resistance

Able to bear bending force of 150 N for ten ±45° bending cycles

Service Life

Over 20 years

Standards Compliance

Compliant with Chinese national standards, including YD/T814.1-2004 and YD/T814.2-2005, and international standards, including ITU L.13-2003 and UL 94

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