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High Power Transmission Fibre Patchcord

YOFC high power transmission fibre patchcord is manufactured with special cladding and large-core power delivery fibre. By optimizing the diameter of fibre core and cladding, combining with the connection process of connector and energy transmission cable, as well as precision polishing process of optical fibre end face, the characteristics of high-efficiency coupling and high power transmission are achieved.

Based on standard applications of various industry, YOFC can provide high power components which have high concentricity, high-quality stainless steel hose protective layer and excellent characteristics of YLD80/SMA905 connector. And the product can support different power levels and has stable transmission efficiency.To satisfy customer demand to the most extent, a series of fibres can be customized with different fibre designs.

  • High power transmission
  • Laser precision machining
  • Atmospheric spectral measurement
  • Laser lithotripsy
  •  Clamping in the center of fibre, good concentricity
  • Excellent soft stainless steel tube for protection
  • High core NA 0.22
  • High laser damage threshold
  • Stable and higher than 90% transmission efficiency @ 1064 nm
  • Excellent large core power delivery fibre SI200/SI400/SI600 for selection
  • Adhesive-free product available for option
  • D80/SMA905 connector for option
  • Water-cooling for option 
Dimension Drawing for Connector Structure


Product Type D80-D80-SI200/500-

Optical Parameters

Operating Wavelength (nm)

400 - 2400


0.22 ± 0.02

Fibre Type

Step Index

Geometric Parameters

Core Diameter (μm)

200.0 ± 5.0

600.0 ± 10.0

400.0 ± 8.0

Cladding Diameter (μm)

500.0 ± 5.0

750.0 ± 10.0

440.0 ± 8.0

Jacket Diameter (μm)

1400.0 ± 50.0

1700.0 ± 50.0

730.0 ± 30.0


Core Material

Low OH fused silica

Jacket Material


Low OH fused silica

Patch Cord Performances

Transmission Efficiency(%) >90@1.06μm,length 5m >90@0.98μm,length 5m
Laser Resistance(CW)(W) 150@1.06μm 600@1.06μm 150@0.98μm

*Fibre geometric ,numerical aperture and fibre length can be customized,SMA905 high power hanging / flat head is optional, and water-cooled connector is also optional. 

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