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Polarization-Maintaining Photonic Crystal Fibre

Polarization-maintaining photonic crystal fibre is made of silica, which has few defects and is resistant to hydrogen loss and radiation. With form birefringence, it has high birefringence and good environmental adaptability. Minimal crosstalk fluctuations can be maintained in high and low temperature cycling.

Moreover, the size of fibre cladding can be customized to meet the demand of customers for different applications.

  • Sensor
  • Interferometer
  • Single-mode tranmission
  • Low transmission loss
  • Pure silica material
  • Temperature insensitive
Cross Section


Polarization-maintaining photonic crystal fibre can be customized in terms of its air-hole size, air-hole layers,
and outer diameter (OD).


Optical Properties
Cut-off Wavelength(nm) < 1000
Attenuation@ 1550 nm(dB/km) < 2.0
Beat Length@1550nm(mm) < 3.0
Crosstalk@1550nm(dB/100m) < -28
Physical Properties
Material Pure Silica
Core Diameter(μm) X-axis 5 ± 0.3 Y-axis 7 ± 0.3
Cladding Diameter(μm) 125 ± 2
Coating Diameter(μm) 250 ± 10
Coating Material Acrylic Resin


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