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Multi-core Fibre Fan-in & Fan-out Module

Multi-core fibre fan-in and fan-out module is a module that has achieved the high-efficiency coupling between multi-core fibre and single-mode fibres while also fulfilling the channel space division multiplexing and demultiplexing function in the application of multi-core fibre.

Special technology and modularized encapsulation are adopted for the optical power coupling between multi-core fibre and single-mode fibres, with low insertion loss, low core crosstalk and high return loss. A complete communication and sensor system can be built using the multi-core fibre fan-in and fan-out module and the multi-core fibres of corresponding parameters, opening up a wide range of application possibilities.

  • Encapsulated in metal tube, customizable encapsulation size
  • Ultra low crosstalk
  • Low and consistent insertion loss
  • FC/PC, FC/APC or bare fibre jumper, customizable connector
Application Example


Optical Properties Range (Multi-core Fibre Fan-in & Fan-out Module (1 Pair))
Average Insertion Loss@1550 nm(dB) ≤ 2.0
Maximum Insertion Loss@1550 nm(dB) ≤ 3.0
Return Loss (dB) ≤ -45
Crosstalk Index (Adjacent core) (dB) ≤ -40
Geometrical Properties
Multi-core Fibre Length (m) 300 ± 0.2
Length of Loose Tube of Multi-core Fibre 0.9
Length of Loose Tube of Multi-core Fibre on Both Ends (cm) 50
Length of Single-mode Pigtail on Both Ends (m) 1 ± 0.1
Single-mode Pigtail Length (mm) 0.9
Length of Encapsulated Steel Tube (mm) 150 ± 1
Diameter of Encapsulated Steel Tube (mm) 4 ± 0.1
Coating Material Acrylic resin
Service Temperature (℃) - 40 to + 70
Steel Tube Encapsulation (mm) 150*4
Single-core Interface Type FC / APC
Multi-core Interface Type LC / UPC


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