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Multi-core Fibre (Customizable)

With the development of space division multiplexing and multi-c ore fibre sensor technologies, multi-core fibre will be a vital branch of fibre development. Multi-core fibre (MCF) is a new kind of fibre with multiple separate fibre cores co-existing in the same cladding. Based on the concept of space division multiplexing (SDM), multi-core fibre can transmit multi-channel optical signals simultaneously and is expected to be a breakthrough technology against the capacity crunch of optical transmission system over a single mode fibre. YOFC's sin gle-mode multi-core fibre has a wide promising future in optical transmission field.

This product can achieve long-distance SDM optical signal transmission, and can be widely used in commun ication, sensor, industry, medical equipment, and other fields.

  • Large capacity transmission system with core division multiplexing technology
  • Laser
  • Sensor
  • Customizable number of fibre cores with low attenuation
  • Consistent distance between fibre cores
  • Customizable core cross-section and number of modes
  • Well-controlled bending attenuation in the case of small-radius bending
  • Low splice loss and high splice efficiency guaranteed by accurate geometrical parameters
  • Customizable mode field diameter (MFD), cut-off wavelength, core-to-core distance, and size
Cross Section

  • The cross section can be customized
  • The number of cores and modes can be customized
  • Geometrical and optical parameters can be customized


Parameter (1550nm) Range Typical Value
Number of Cores (PCS) 2 - 19 Customized on demand
Number of Modes (PCS) 2 - 19 Customized on demand
Core-to-core Distance (μm) 15 - 55 Customized on demand
Crosstalk (XT) (dB) - Related to the core-to-core distance
Operating Wavelength (nm) 1450 - 1700 1550
Cladding Diameter (μm) (125 - 250) ± 0.7 -
Coating Diameter (μm) (245 - 370) ± 10 -
Attenuation (dB/km) ≤ 0.3 0.22
Dispersion (ps/(nm·km)) ≤ 25 20 - 24
Dispersion Slope (ps/(nm2·km)) < 0.11 0.091
Proof Test Level (Kpsi) 100 100 - 200
Tensile Strength (GPa) F15% ≥ 3.14 5
F50% ≥ 3.80 5.1
Coating Strip Force (N) Typical average 0.8 - 5 1.1
Peak 0.8 - 8.9 1.5
Dynamic Fatigue Parameter (nd) > 20 22


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