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Hollow-core Anti-Resonant Fibre

Hollow-core Anti-Resonant Fibre (HC-ARF) has a simple structure, hollow-core light guide, and wide transmission spectrum, and is mainly used in light-filler interaction, nonlinear optics, gas detection, gas laser generation, and optofluidics. Hollow-core light guide features ultra-low Rayleigh scattering, low nonlinear coefficient, and tunable disper sion, with higher laser damag e threshold, so it is po tentially useful for high-power laser transmission, UV/mid-IR light transmission, pulse compression, and optical soliton transmission. The ultra-low loss, low dispersion, and low nonlinearity of hollow core and its propagation velocity that is close to light velocity can enable the development of hollow-core fibre transmission and communication devices, laying the foundation for the construction and development of next-generation ultra-largecapacity, low-latency, and high-speed optical communication systems. As an internationally leading supplier of communication fibre products, YOFC is also committed to the research and development of HC-PCF products. Based on its independently synthesized raw materials, capillary tube manufacturing process with precise size control, and leading hollow-core fibre drawing process, YOFC has developed a series of hollow-core fibre products suitable for different fields.
  • Nonlinear optics
  • Gas laser
  • Gas sensing
  • Nodeless negative curvature structure
  • Large effective area
  • Gas/liquid fillable
Cross Section


Hollow-core anti-resonant fibre can be customized in terms of core diameter and inner cladding diameter.


Physical Properties
Core Diameter (μm) 78 ± 2
Cladding Diameter (μm) 250 ± 5
Coating Diameter (μm) 380 ± 10
Minimum Loss (dB/km) < 100
Coating Material Acrylic Resin


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