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Double-cladding Passive Photonic Crystal Fibre

Double-cladding (pure silica) passive photonic crystal fibre is an air-clad fibre with annular air holes that effectively restrict the pump beam transmission in the pure silica inner cladding. Double-cladding passive photonic crystal fibre has a very high numerical aperture in the cladding (due to the large refractive index difference between silica and air hole). The microstructure design of the inner cladding allows the single-mode fibre core to have a large mode field diameter, ensuring high-power laser transmission and high-quality laser beam.
  • Single-mode pulse energy transmission
  • Spectroscopy
  • Coherent reflection topology
  • Single-mode transmission
  • Large effective area
  • Pure silica material
Cross Section


Double-cladding passive photonic crystal fibre can be customized in terms of core diameter, inner cladding diameter, and inner cladding's numerical aperture.


Optical Properties
Cut-off Wavelength (nm) < 700
Attenuation* @ 800 nm (dB/km) < 10
Effective Area (μm2) < 380
Physical Properties
Material Pure Silica
Core Diameter (μm) 22 ± 1
Inner Cladding Diameter (μm) 130 ± 2
Outer Cladding Diameter (μm) 250 ± 2
Coating Diameter (μm) 380 ± 10
Coating Material Acrylic Resin

*Multi-mode pump fibre core

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