In 2023, the digital economy is gaining momentum across the board. Various industries are accelerating digital transformation, driving the optical fibre and cable industry, and related upstream and downstream industries into a golden era. To capture the historical opportunities, YOFC channels significant energy into digitalization, and builds an all-optical network featuring "BRIGHTS", to create an intelligent, efficient, safe and stable optical network connection ecosystem for all-scenario applications.

We have developed an ultra-high-density and modular all-optical connection solution to build a green and low-carbon data center. We have built a new-type smart grid system to help the power industry navigate the digital transformation. We have integrated digital energy into rail transit to ensure digital cities to be safe and efficient, and created an extremely simple, efficient and reliable pre-connected solution to empower the smart infrastructure for a better digital life. We have made breakthroughs in key technologies such as digital twin and industrial big data to foster new models of smart manufacturing. We have expanded our solutions beyond the land into the ocean to build a digital ecosystem for transoceanic transmission. YOFC will continue to push the boundary of digital transformation and harness the power of innovation to upgrade digital infrastructure and boost the digital economy.

During the MWC Shanghai 2023, YOFC will shine in the limelight under the theme of "Light up the Digital Future", and hold the YOFC iCONEC Brand Strategy Launch Conference—Digital and Intelligent Connection Shapes the Future. On behalf of YOFC, I sincerely invite upstream and downstream manufacturers and industry peers to visit YOFC's booth and attend the YOFC iCONEC Brand Strategy Launch Conference during the MWC Shanghai 2023, to explore new growth drivers of the industry and light up a new digital future with YOFC.

Dan Zhuang

Executive Director and President

Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company

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