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Quality Cable Monitoring System for Foshan Branch of GCN (China's 4th Largest Communication Operator) Established in June 2010, Guangdong Broadcast and Television Network Co Ltd. (Guangdong Cable Network; GCN), is a modern radio and television network operator, concentrating on video transmission and featuring public information services. Having obtained a 5G license, GCN is now China's fourth largest communications operator.
First Intelligent 500 KV Substation in Zhejiang to Ensure Safety of Power Supply Apparatus This was the first 220 KV substation in Zhejiang Province to be upgraded into a 500 KV intelligent substation, constructed in compliance with standards for digitalization and intelligence, employing simplified equipment, network normalization and equipment integration etc. The substation's integrated intelligent auxiliary platform system can operate, monitor and store information including audio and video, environmental data, security data, and fire alarms throughout the day.
An Intelligent Surveillance System for an Airport's Perimeter Safety & Security in China In response to the promotion of informatization and smartness of airports, this airport established an intelligent security monitoring system, addressing the low efficiency of human surveillance and difficulties associated with 24-hour monitoring across all locations. With a perimeter of about 9 km, one side of the airport is close to a road, making early warnings of intrusion by passing vehicles impossible, and resulting in frequent damage to the fence. Farmed fields on several sides also pose security risks in terms of intrusion by cattle, sheep or humans.
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