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About Us

Intellectual Property

YOFC has applied for over 820 domestic patents with over 480 granted, and applied for about 200 patents and obtained over 60 licenses from overseas competent authorities.
  • 760+

    Applied for over 760 domestic patents

  • 540+

    Over 540 granted

  • 50+

    Filed over 50 PCT international patent applications

  • 30+

    Foreign patent licensing for over 30 granted

YOFC was awarded the title of "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" in 2016 and has received lots of laurels in the field of intellectual property.


Relevant positions held by YOFC's technical experts in international/domestic standard organizations.

Up to now, YOFC has directed and participated in the formulation and revision of 166 standards, including 17 international standards and 99 national and industry standards.

  • 166

    Directed and participated in the formulation and revision of 166 standards

  • 17

    17 international standards

  • 99

    99 national and industry standards

List of international standards directed or revised by YOFC: