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Training Mechanism

In the future, the competition in the preform, fibre and cable industry is no longer just about the size, but also about operation and core competitiveness. YOFC firmly believes that talents are the driving force for YOFC's sustainable development, while the management team matters a lot because they must build on the legacy of YOFC corporate culture. To give full play to the people, we never stop learning from the best practices of others on the way towards a more effective training mechanism.

Talent Training Mechanism

Build a Talent Bank

The Human Resources Department engages departments and centers at all levels in discussion meetings. The company uses a systemic approach consisted of functional module capability assessment, team capacity assessment, and key post successor assessment, to identify talents with huge potential. In this way, a talent tank is thus built.

Formulating Talent Training Plan

Manpower evaluation and systematic analysis are used to appraise the capacity gap of talents with huge potential. Training, project assignment and personal growth etc. as part of talent training plans are aimed to boost talent development.

Expert Evaluation System

Expert evaluation system is adopted for experts’ selection, technology talents echelon building, and innovative talents preparation.