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To be the leader in information transmission and smart link

The information transmission and smart link field is the direction to which YOFC adheres. In addition to its focus on its main business of optical fibre and optical cable, it has constantly expanded its business into diversified fields, providing other products, services and solutions for the information transmission and smart link field, and promoting the wide application of optical fibre technology;

To be the leader of the industry is YOFC's objective. Domestically, it shall reach the position of leadership; internationally, it shall actively explore, enhance its influence and shape the ‘YOFC' brand.

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    To take the lead in both market share and customer satisfaction for its main business products, and increase market share and become a key leader in other relevant fields.

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    To pursue continuous innovation to ensure products are highly technical and leading so as to provide better and more reliable products.

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    To continue to strengthen its brand building, endeavor to enhance its brand awareness and reputation, and achieve the leading position