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About Us

Acting as Role Model and Achieving Quality Excellence

YOFC has a complete quality management system in the industry. It introduced an Performance Excellent Model to implement comprehensive quality management in 2012. It was awarded the "China Quality Award" in 2017 and "EFQM Global Excellence Award" in 2018 and the ARE-QP Award in 2019. which is the highest recognition of YOFC's achievements in advancing excellent performance management.

Over the years, YOFC has been practicing stricter quality control than the industry standards, and leading the industry quality development with actions. The product quality has been widely recognized and won many domestic and international quality honors. Its brand featuring high quality as core has gaining more influence.

  • National Quality Award in 2017
  • EFQM Global Excellence Award in 2018
  • Gold Award in International Convention on Quality Control Circles 2018 (Issued by ICQCC)
  • ARE-QP Award 2019