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Smart Tourism Solution

Smart tourism uses new technology such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things to actively discern tourism resources, economics, activities, and other information before, during, and after travel. With the help of the Internet, mobile Internet, and portable Internet terminals, it enhances the added value of tourists in terms of food, accommodation, traffic, sightseeing, shopping, and entertainment.

YOFC's smart tourism solution is capable of integrated tourism resource marketing in destinations and can provide "last-kilometer one-stop services" for food, accommodation, traffic, sightseeing, shopping, and entertainment in order to enhance the visitor experience. It also meets both personalized travel and in-depth tour needs, and increases consumption.

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01 Integrated Management Platform
02 Big Data Platform
03 Operation and Management Platform
If something abnormal is discovered in regards to cultural relics, such as them being touched, the system automatically sends an alarm to the command center or mobile terminal so that staff can identify the problem and investigate immediately. Effectively monitors tourist attractions without damaging cultural relics or the original storage environment. Provides a set of fast, efficient, and precise information systems for the management and protection of cultural relics.
Fire control collaboration and emergency alarm broadcast:
  • In case of an emergency, it can make emergency broadcasts and promptly notify individuals in various areas to evacuate the area, thus ensuring the safety of both personnel and property.
  • A short-circuit signal is received from the intelligent interface for fire control. The system converts the analog signal into a digital signal through the data conversion terminal and then transmits it to the host, allowing alarms to be broadcast after the signal is received. Area-wide alarms, criticality alarms, or alarms for separate zones can all be set.
  • By using network digital signal transmission, key fire control centers can achieve collaborative fire control in large tourist attractions with scattered and distant scenic spots. Public squares, parking lots, and visitor centers can also be covered without having to connect to the broadcasting center's machine room.
Provides detailed information about ticketing, visitors, marketing, parking vehicles, hotel accommodations, self-driving tours, and other related data.
Visitors can use the platform to book or purchase tickets through online and offline channels. They may also check their e-tickets or IDs either at the self-service ticket gates or via biometric identification upon arrival at the tourist attraction. Provides visitors with a safer and more convenient travel experience. The background system simultaneously collects, allocates, and manages information such as tickets, discounts, membership cards, tourist sources, travel agencies, and tour guides. It then generates real-time reports which act as a basis for scenic spot tourist flow management and diversified marketing.

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