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Automatic Optical Cable Line Monitoring System

The automatic optical cable line monitoring system is an intelligent system for the management and maintenance of fibre optic networks. Utilizing a geographic information platform and backed up by powerful resource management functions, it integrates cable monitoring, alarm notifications, fault analysis, localization, fault management, and line maintenance and management to ensure the safe and efficient operation of optical cable networks. By doing so, physical optical fibre networks can be monitored, marketed, maintained, and managed.

With built-in optical protection, the system can perform real-time fault monitoring and periodic testing of the communication fibre core. Moreover, when the optical power of the master router dips below the pre-set alarm/switching threshold, the device can make a rapid judgment call to switch from the working router to a normal backup router in order to ensure uninterrupted service transmission. At the same time, OTDR is activated and inspects the fibre section, finds fault points, and notifies maintenance personnel to resolve the issue.

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01 A well-developed and intelligent system
02 Easy and efficient maintenance
The embedded system:A stable and secure product made in line with communications standards. All functions are capable of operating independently and separately from the server.
Visual management:The master device is equipped with a control display.
A complete fibre core protection switching system:Real-time monitoring of and alarm notifications for the backup core ensure that the system can be switched safely at any time.
The curve analysis system:Automatic analysis of fault causes, calculation of measurement data, and comparison analysis.
Precise fault location:Reference landmarks can be set, clarifying the distance between the fault point and the landmark.
Automatic generation of optical network topological diagrams:All optical network topological diagrams are automatically generated.
High-capacity fibre core access and expansion:Optical switch modules can be integrated with the optical distribution frame (ODF) to save space and expansion costs.
ODF cross connecting cabinet terminal management:Automatically analyzes the link between the optical network and ODF port and promptly reports failures.

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