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Cloud Computing Solution

The digital transformation is affecting all industries and the IT infrastructure of an enterprise is facing the pressure of continuous upgrading, expansion and energy conservation & emission reduction. Therefore, it is imperative to build a high-performance, intelligent and energy-efficient cloud data center. YOFC complies with the development trend of the industry and provides services such as infrastructure solutions and cloud computing solution for cloud computing data center.

YOFC cloud is an advanced, stable and secure private cloud platform, including cloud management platform, desktop cloud, cloud operation and maintenance platform and other series products. The YOFC cloud uses software to define computing, storage, network and security creating a four-in-one Cloud and network fusion.

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01 Usage of OpenStack Cloud Computing Framework
02 Customizable Service Process
03 High System Availability
04 Smooth System Upgrade
05 Multistage Data Center
06 Three-level Permission Management
07 Optimized Network Topology
08 Mobile Office Support
The OpenStack is an industry-recognized and the most advanced open Cloud computing framework with a wide range of manufacturers and the most active in community organizations.
YOFC may customize service process based on the needs of clients using a development mode that divides the development interface and the business.
3 copies for a management node are prepared and users will not be interrupted when any key node is down. It uses the distributed data storage so that user data will not be lost when any node of the system is down.
The system uses the micro service mode for deployment to realize seamless smooth system upgrade. In case of any failure in the system upgrade, the version rollback will be performed immediately to ensure system stability.
Supports the multistage data center according to the user's organizational structure. The lower stage data center can apply for resources from the upper stage so that resources can be allocated reasonably.
The work mode of 3-level permission management will be used to adapt to actual application scenarios and the management organization structure of users.
The graphical network topology visually displays the relations among network elements and clearly shows the status of networks.
It supports the work order approval of WeChat terminal and can start office work anytime and anywhere.

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