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Railway Solution

Increasing railway transportation mileage fuels greater demand in railway transportation communication equipment. Fire accident is the most damaging for optical cable as it can lead to failure in communication, signal monitoring and key equipment control. It will be thus more difficult to get everything back on track. Considering that, it is necessary to make sure communication cable can stay immune to emergencies.

YOFC provides 3 types of product for railway transportation solution:

1. YOFC has launched a railway transportation optical cable with fire-proof optical cable which enables smooth communication and equipment function during fire accidents.

2. YOFC provides leaky coaxial cable for wireless communication blind area in the railway.

3. YOFC provides temperature measuring fibre system which can monitor the railway temperature in real-time and launches warning alert whenever fire accident occurs.

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01 Advantages of Optical Cable
02 Advantages of Leaky Coaxial Cable
03 Advantages of Distributed Temperature Measurement System
Provides railway transportation optical cables with different flame-retardant and fire-resistant grades according to user requirements and selected application scenarios.
Supplies complete optical cable types with all-round measures such as limited space cabling system and emergency treatment provided, and the performance is in line with relevant international standards such as IEC 60332/IEC 60331/IEC60754-1&2/BS6387.
Has excellent mechanical and environmental performance that satisfies multiple scenarios application.
Uses special fireproof as well as environment friendly structure and materials, which enable railway emergent communication during fire accidents.
Uses self-developed slotting method, shorter construction time.
Equipped with a complete quality assurance system that is in line with relevant industry standards.
Has excellent system loss performance resulting to ultra-low loss, 20% lower attenuation than average industrial level.
Has a complete product development team, perfect after-sales service, integrated with training and testing.
Distribution: Distributed Temperature Measurement system is capable of providing consistent and dynamic monitoring signals which could measure the temperature change of monitored object in real-time within every meter.
Advancement: The fibre functions as a combination of signal transmission and temperature detection and is able to adjust itself to various environmental changes due to her different sheaths.
Accuracy: The system temperature accuracy is ±1℃, position orientation accuracy is ±1 meter.
Flexibility: The functions could be realized by the application software on master machine, and multi-level temperature warning is feasible (60℃,70℃,85℃), which is also changeable according to different environments, each warning zone could be individually programmed and designed according to customer requirements.

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