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As IT and network technology gain traction, people now upgrade their demands in home life and warm up to simpler and smarter life at home where devices are interconnected through the internet. The changing landscape gives rise to the concept of smart home which allows the new technologies to make a great difference in home life.

Facing the new requirements and challenges, YOFC can provide a series of smart home solution including the intelligent home gateway as the interconnection hub, invisible optical fibre cables which impose no influence on home environment, and advanced video HDMI cables to build up an intelligent, secure and high quality smart home life.

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01 Super HD video and audio functions
02 Concealed installation and ultra-strong anti-bending
As a member of HDMI association, YOFC HDMI fiber is designed for high ground video transmission: including 8K, 4K, 1080p specifications, maximum 48Gbps, 300 meters non-loss transmission, electromagnetic interference-proof, 100% theater enjoyment.
YOFC invisible cable adopts concealed installation. And thanks to the excellent bending resistance of G.657 B3 5mm (0.15dB/5mm & 5 turns), YOFC’s invisible cable can maintain the existing architectural style and retain the next generation network upgrade capability without affecting the transmission performance at the same time.

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