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Intelligent Industrial Control

UHV is currently the most advanced power transmission technology in the world.  The intelligent industrial control solutions provided by YOFC for the UHV DC transmission system include high-voltage flame-retardant optical cable for power, power connectors and optical device units and UHV fiber optic sensing systems. The products are characterized by strong anti-interference ability, long service life and high reliability, which can realize low-loss transmission of signals between control cabinets and valve towers. YOFC also provides professional guidance services for construction, making sure EHV projects well on track.

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01 Integrated Platform
02 Leading technology in the industry
03 Quality after-sales service
It has a complete set of R&D institutions and delivery platforms for materials, preforms, optical fibers, optical cables and devices.
Since 2013, YOFC has secured the localization of fiber optic cable components for converter valves, as it can customize all kinds of high-voltage optic cable components as required.
We have a strong after-sales service team who promises to arrive at the project site within 24 hours and solve the problem at the first time.

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