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FTTx Solution

FTTx is a general term for various optical fibre communication networks. Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and Fiber to the Building (FTTB)/ Fiber to the Curb(FTTC) are the major types of FTTx.

Normally, the closer the fibre is to the terminal device, the higher construction cost and channel capacity it will bring. However, it also means a higher return on investment.

YOFC is going to help our global partners to make a trade-off on investment and income with end to end FTTx turn-key solutions, including professional network planning and design, various engineering solutions and customizable ODN products etc.

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01 End-to-end FTTx Turn-key Solution
02 Customized Network Design and Planning
03 Full Senarios of FTTx Implementation Capacity
04 Full Supply Chain of FTTx Products
An experienced team and a set of professional tools for network design and planning.
High quality construction and commissioning services including cabling, equipment installation and network commissioning.
Full series of optical fibre cables and customized ODN products.
Site-survey information will be collected on PAD which help to enhance the scientific data input for planning.
Specialized FTTx planning tools based on GIS platform make the ODN planning and design much more easier.
More than 8 years' experience on FTTx projects.
Rich experience on network construction during the past 30 years-duct, aerial, direct buried, micro trenching, air-blown.
Professional end to end service from CO to the house with local OLT installation and ONT activation.
Full series of FTTx products based on self-research and self-production capacity.
Customized optical fibre and cable,ODN products based on customers' requirements.

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