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Modular Optical Distribution Frame

Modular optical distribution frame,provided as a high-density optical distribution frame for data center, can integrate MPO/MTP plug-and-play modules, LC/SC patch cord panel and breakout patch cords. This economical design greatly reduces the number of optical distribution frames in order to save the space occupation.

Main cross-connection, intermediate cross-connection and the connection between telecommunication devices, and other optical connections.

  • Modular design, easy for expansion
  • High-density design, 1/4U for 72(96)/288-core connections (LC adapter) or 216/864-core connections (MPO/MTP adapter)
  • Several optical cable and patch cord entrances, convenient for operation and management
  • Extended depth , providing sufficient space for operation
  • Durable organic glass front door, convenient for installation and maintenance
  • Structures can be customized
Complied Standards

Comply with TIA/EIA 604-5, IEC 61754 series standards

Technical specifications
Item No. Size (mm) Hole Size Material Surface Treatment
HDF-1U 483×340×44(mm) 19" Aluminum alloy Matt black
HDF-4U 483×300×177(mm) 19" Aluminum alloy Matt black

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