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Plug-and-Play Module

Plug-and-play modules possess optical fibre branching patch cords inside to split the 12-core MPO / MTP connector into simplex or duplex LC connector. Simplex or duplex connectors are placed in front of the modules, and one or two MPO/ MTP connectors are placed at the back of the modules. The branching patch cord connect the front LC and the near MPO/MTP connectors. This type of modules can be easily installed in the optical distribution frames.

Modular installation in optical distribution devices, to achieve structured cabling between trunk cables and the distribution area.

  • Factory pre-termination, 100% tested to ensure the transmission performance
  • Modular design, easy for expansion
  • Reasonable of optical fibre cable route, minimize structure and ensure fibre bending radius not less than 30mm Rapid configuration, reduce installation time
  • Rapid upgrading, support parallel transmission
Complied Standards

Comply with TIA/EIA 604-5, IEC 61754 series standards.

Technical specifications and order guide
Item No. Size (mm) Adapter Capacity (cores) Material Surface Treatment Item Description
MD-LC 130×35×100(mm) LC 12/24 High-quality cold-rolled steel Matt black Can install 3 modules or connector panels,
provide 72- core termination connection.
MD-SC 130×35×100(mm) SC 12 High-quality cold-rolled steel Matt black Can install 12 modules or connector panel,
provide 288- core termination connection

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