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Delay Coil for Current Transformer

High birefringence polarization-maintaining fibre is selected as the delay coils for YOFC current transformer. The whole winding process is controlled by low tension and special solidified adhesive to ensures the overall polarization-maintaining performance of the delay coil. The full-temperature crosstalk has less fluctuation, and it has excellent temperature characteristics and environmental stability. It can be used in optical fibre current sensor and other fields. The size of this series of delay coils can be customized according to the special needs of customers.
  • All-fibre-optical current transducer
  • Current transformers for high accuracy
  • Low polarization crosstalk
  • Small temperature error
  • High long reliability
  • Customized size


Product Type CN1-a/a-PMb-c*

Geometric Parameter

Optical Fibre Length (m)

80 - 500

Optical Fibre Coil I.D. (mm)

15 - 250

Optical Fibre Coil O.D. (mm)

25 - 260

Optical Fibre O.D. (μm)

135, 165, 250


Wavelength (nm)

1310 or 1550

Polarization Crosstalk (dB)

≤ -30

Full-temperature Crosstalk Change (dB)

≤ 1.0

Loss (dB/km)

≤ 1.0

Operating Temperature Range (℃)

-45 to +85

*①CN1-a/a-PMb-c,a/a means skeleton type, b means PM fibre type, and c means coil length.

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