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Radiation-resistant Optical Fibre Delay Lines

Taking advantage of optical fibre and fibre process technology, YOFC's radiationresistant optical fibre delay lines feature high-precision true time delay, and different levels of radiation resistant can be achieved. The experienced design have been proved with a high mechanical performance and environmental reliability. Small diameter fibre can be selected to reduce the volume for special application. Optical fibre and connector is customized.
  • Radar monitoring/calibration
  • Signal processing
  • Phased array antenna
  • Phase noise processing
  • Large delay range
  • Smooth phase change
  • Compact structure
  • High stability
  • Strong vibration resistance


Product Type FOD652-a-b-c*

Fibre Type

Radiation-resistant Fibre

Delay Range (μs)

0.1 - 280

Delay Accuracyt

±0.01μs@0.1 - 10μs

±0.1%@10 - 280μs

Insertion Loss (dB)


Relative Delay Time with Temperature (ppm/℃)

≤ 6.5

Dimensions (mm)

Typ. 152.4×152.4×100 or can be customized

Operating Temperature (℃)

-40 to +85

Storage Temperature (℃)

-60 to +85

*①FOD652-a-b-c,a means delay time, b means connector type, and c means sheath type.

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