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Fibre Coating

YOFC fibre coating is based on the large-core power delivery fibre manufactured with PCVD process. By using special precision polishing process, efficient cleaning and professional coating technology, the characteristics of high-efficiency coupling and highpower transmission are achieved. With high cleanliness of the fibre end face and high coating reliability, it is suitable for industrial laser pump source, medical cosmetology, optical fibre senor, and so on.
  • Pigtail output of laser pump source
  • Flexible transmission of industrial laser
  • Medical laser equipment coupling transmission
  • Laser radar transmission
  • Optical fibre senor
  • Polishing: Special polishing technology, without scratches and chipping on the fibre core and cladding
  • Cleaning: High-efficiency cleaning technology, eliminating liquid residues and reducing contamination on end surface
  • Coating: Professional coating design to reduce reflection and improve light transmission efficiency



Performance parameters Specifications
Fibre Model YOFC SI105/125、SI135/155、SI200/220、SI220/242, etc. Customer Specified
Length of the fibre (A)

355±5mm;200±10cm;235±10cm;320±10cm, etc. Customize 

Fibre tip Stripped length (B) 6±0.5mm;14±0.5mm, etc. Customize
Coating parameters AR Coating,R<0.5%@780-1000nm;Customer Specified


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