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YOFC Passive Optical Network Products Help to Start the Era of All-Optical Networks in Various Campuses Along with the rapid development of 5G technology, China's all-optical network technologies have currently taken the lead in the world, indicating that China will enter an era of "Great Intelligence" faster than other countries. The arrival of "Great Intelligence" era at an increased speed predicts that network connections will go everywhere, just as the air. Optical fibres will cover every room, machine, and desktop in various campuses, including campuses for education, public security and safe city hotel, government, transportation, factory, intelligent building, and commercial complex, etc., which are also the important application scenarios for the all-optical networks. keyword: All-Optical industry, Data center, POL
Developed for Excellence: MaxBand® Broadband OM5 Multimode Fibres The combination of multimode fibre and vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) has always been a broadly competitive, cost-effective short-range networking solution. keyword: Data center, Multimode fibre, OM5
Evolution and Application Prospects of Multimode Fibres The increasing transmission rate in data centers has set a higher demand on the performance of multimode fibres which developed towards high bandwidth, bending resistance, and multiple wavelengths. The combination of multimode fibres and VCSELs is still the most cost-effective solution for high-speed interconnection within short ranges. In the future, the combination of parallel optics technology and SWDM technology is the major application scheme of multimode fibres. keyword: Data center, Multimode fibre, OM5, SWDM
OM5 Multimode Fibre: Developments and Prospects The soaring growth of network data traffic has driven continual upgrading of multimode fibre standards and applications in recent years. Ethernet data rates have increased from 10GbE/40GbE/100GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) to 25GbE/50GbE/200GbE/400GbE, and will be further upgraded to 800GbE/1.6TbE in future. keyword: Data center, Multimode fibre, OM5
OM2 Optical Fibre: Time for Phasing out of Data Centers OM2 optical fibre is a traditional 50/125 graded refractive index multi-mode fibre. Traditional OM2 optical fibre standards and designs use LEDs (see Figure 1) in low bandwidth scenarios, transmitting data at rates of 100 Mbit/s or lower. keyword: Data center, Multimode fibre, OM2
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