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Multi Core Fibre(MCF)

Multi core fibre(MCF) is a new kind of fibre with several separate fibre cores co-existed in the same cladding. YOFC MCF can achieve low inter-crosstalk in long SDM optical transmission by adopting the seven-core structure and F-doped caldding, which has a typical promising future in optical transmission field. Based on the concept of space division multiplexing (SDM), multi-core fibre can realize transmitting several light signals through different channels and is expected as a breakthrough technology against capacity crunch of optical transmission system over a singlemode fibre. With the development of SDM and multi-core fibre sensor technology, multi-core fibre would be a vital branch of fibre development. The level of crosstalk and fibre coating of MCF can also be customization to fulfill your use in transmission, sensor, industry, medical equipment fields and so on.
Applications and Characteristics
Fibre Type Characteristics Applications

Multi Core Fibre(MCF)

  • Single fibre with spatial superchannels
  • Ultra-low cross talk between cores
  • Excellent fibre geometric consistency
  • Low fibre loss
  • Extremely large capacity transmission system
  • Large-capacity multi-task access
  • Distributed fibre sensors
  • Medical equipments
Multi-core Fibre Fan-in & Fan-out Module
  • Encapsulated in metal tube
  • Low and consistent insertion loss
  • Ultra low crosstalk
  • FC/PC, FC/APC or bare fibre

YOFC multi-core fibre fan-in and fan-out module adopts seven channel structure, with YOFC's multi-core fibre(MCF), a complete communication and sensor system can be built, which means a broad application prospect.

Specifications of Multi Core Fibre

Fibre Type

MCF 7-42/150/250(SM)
Part No. MC1010-A

Type Description

Low Crosstalk Seven Core MCF

Optical Properties

Value Typical

Cross Talk (Adjacent Core) (dB/ km)



Attenuation@ 1310nm (dB/km)

≤ 0.45


Attenuation@ 1550nm (dB/km)

≤ 0.30


Zero Dispersion Wavelength (nm)

1290 - 1330


Dispersion@ 1550nm (ps/nm·km)

≤ 22.0


PMD (ps/km½

≤ 2


Cable Cut off Wavelength λcc (nm)

≤ 1300


Mode Field Diameter@ 1310nm (μm)

8.5 ± 0.5


Mode Field Diameter@ 1550nm (μm)

9.5 ± 0.5


Geometrical Properties

Core Diameter (μm)

8.0 ± 0.5


Core-to-core (adjacent) Distance (μm)

41.5 ± 1.5


Cladding Diameter (μm) 150.0 ± 2.0 --
Coating Diameter (μm) 245.0 ± 10.0 --

Coating Description

Coating Type


High temperature coating is available.

Operating Temperature Range(℃)

-40 to +70


Mechanical Properties

Short Term Bend Radius (mm)

≥ 7.5


Long Term Bend Radius (mm)

≥ 15


Proof Test Level (kpsi)

≥ 50

Specifications of Multi-core Fibre Fan-in & Fan-out Module
Module Type FAN-7-42

Type Description

Seven Cores Fibre Fan-in & Fan-out Module

Optical Properties

Value Typical
Average Insertion Loss (dB)

< 1.5

Max.Insertion Loss (dB)

< 2.0

Return Loss (dB) > 45


Crosstalk Index-Adjacent Core (dB)

< -50 -55

Geometrical Properties

Multi-core Pigtail Length (m)

> 1.0


Single-mode Pigtail Length (Bare Fibre) (m) > 1.0


Single-mode Pigtail Length (Patch-cord) (m) > 0.5 1.0
Encapsulation Box Description
Box Size (mm) Φ4 X 180
Operating Temperature (℃)

-40 to +70

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