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Optical Fibre Delay Coil

Optical signal can not only transmit signal through optical fibre delay coil, but also obtain optical signal with delay. The delay of optical fibre delay line is determined by the length of the optical fibre and the propagation speed of the light in the optical fibre. Optical fibre delay coil of YOFC is wound by precision winding machine, which has high delay precision, compact structure, anti-seismic and anti-radiation design. We can customize different types and lengths of optical fibre delay coil according to customers’ requirements.
  • Optical buffer in photosystems
  • Time delay of photoelectric oscilloscope
  • Phased array radar
  • Switching, buffering and routing of optical packets
  • Customized delay length
  • Various models of optical fibre
  • Broad-spectrum respond
  • Low vibration sensitivity
  • Low additional loss


Product Type DA-a-b/b-c/c-d*

Wavelength (nm)

850, 1310, 1550

Delay Time Range (μs)

0.1 - 300

Delay Time Accuracy

±0.01μs@0.1 - 10μs
±0.1%@0.1 - 300μs

Insertion Loss (dB)


Relative Variation of Delay with Temperature (ppm/℃ )


Return Loss (dB)


Extinction Ratio (PMF)(dB)

≤ -30 @0.1 μs

Operating Temperature Range (℃)

-40 to +85

Storage Temperature Range (℃)

-60 to +85

*①DA-a-b/b-c/c-d, a means delay time, b/b means connector type, c/c means skeleton and shell type, and d means fibre type.

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