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Empower Our Future with Optical Fibre | YOFC Made an Impressive Appearance at CIOE 2021 in Shenzhen

  • 2021-09-17
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Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as "YOFC", Stock Code: 601869.SH, 06869.HK) jumps into the spotlight at the 23rd China International Optoelectronic Exposition 2021 (hereinafter referred to as the "CIOE 2021 in Shenzhen") held on September 16-18 at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center(Baoan)with its products and solutions covering 9 areas such as optical fibre communication, industrial laser, optical fibre sensing, optical transceiver, and data center etc., on the theme of Empower Our Future with Optical Fibre.


Optical fibre communication

In addition to polarization-maintaining optical fibres, coupled optical fibres and other specialty optical fibres used for optical devices in optical fibre communication systems, YOFC also exhibits dispersion compensation modules for O, E and C bands, optical amplifier modules, fixed attenuators and other optical modules and devices used for optical transmission system. Furthermore, YOFC leverages short videos to introduce the cutting-edge multi-core fibres and auxiliary fan-in/fan-out modules, as well as few-mode fires and their multiplexers/demultiplexers.


Industrial Laser

In response to rapid development of industrial laser technology in recent years, YOFC has developed complete solutions for industrial laser to meet diversified application requirements of customers. At the exhibition booth, YOFC displays custom-made optical fibre preforms, active optical fibres, a full range of passive optical fibres, crystalline materials, fluorine-doped capillary tubes, the latest ring fibres, coated fibres, as well as fibre bragg gratings designed for high-power lasers, medium and high power transmission components and other components of passive devices.





Optical fibre sensing

YOFC has developed a range of specialty optical components and modules as well as sensing systems on the basis of specialty optical fibres and its advantageous PCVD-based technique of manufacturing optical fibre preforms. At the exhibition booth, YOFC displays radiation resistant optical fibres and cables, high temperature resistant optical fibres and cables, optical components designed for automotive radars, optical amplifier modules, fibre-optic distributed temperature sensing system, optical fibre vibration sensing system and other sensing equipment that could provide sustained, high-quality and reliable service for niche markets such as oil exploration, manless driving and rail transit.




Optical transceiver

By fully integrating platform resources, YOFC has developed a complete industrial chain covering device packaging and module assembly, and created a unique automated manufacturing system in the industry. Optical modules of 25G, 50G, 100G, 200G and 400G, which are characterized by high density, low power consumption and low cost, have been rolled out in YOFC to be widely used in 5G transmission and data centers. What’s more, YOFC is channeling great energy in developing next-generation data center-oriented optical transceivers to provide customers with more accurate, professional and comprehensive solutions.


Data center

YOFC has also provided solutions for bandwidth upgrade and online upgrade of spatial density for date centers. During the exhibition, YOFC exhibits iCONEC® UDF optical distribution frames of which the configuration density has been increased from 1U 144 cores and 1U 192 cores to 1U 432 cores, showing industrial users the possibility of smooth upgrade of high-density network in the future. YOFC also displays next-generation data center-oriented SDM solutions which can meet urgent requirements for greater capacity, longer transmission distance, high-density connection and lower energy consumption of data centers.





Scientific and technological innovation

In terms of scientific and technological innovation, YOFC displays high-performance, high-quality and wide-connection X-Band optical fibres, high-purity synthetic quartz ingots, synthetic quartz tubes and quartz substrates which cater to the needs of photolithography mask in the semiconductor industry, as well as diamond-copper and diamond-aluminum composites. It fully reveals YOFC's innovative capability in areas such as optical communication, quartz materials and heat dispersing materials.



FTTR solution

Numerous new applications are emerging in the context of digital economy, and FTTR, which is superior to FTTH, is developed to meet users’ demand for higher bandwidth. FTTR solution deploys optical fibres to each room and uses one optical fibre to connect principal and subordinate ONTs (optical modems), achieving high-speed network coverage in the whole room. Once optical fibre is put in place, it can work for long in favor of transmission.


Active optical cable

In terms of active optical cable, YOFC mainly exhibits FIBBR® Pure3 8K HDMI2.1 and other bending-resistant active optical fibre data cables which enable efficient and loss-free transmission and fully meet customers' needs for high-definition display and stereo sound effect in application scenarios such as home audio and video, 8K and VR.


Submarine optical cable

Offshore wind power is expected to gain traction steered by the goal of achieving carbon peak and neutrality. Therefore, YOFC has taken the initiative to expand presence in submarine cables.  Various submarine optical cables used for transoceanic communication systems are exhibited at CIOE 2021 in Shenzhen to show YOFC’s complete solutions and proven technological strength in serving all-scenario connectivity.


During the exhibition, 4 YOFC experts including Technical Director Mr. Luo Jie will give speeches in the forum to share diversified development of optical fibre technology in different application scenarios.

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