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YOFC-Poliron Earned “Great Place to Work” Certification for the Third Consecutive Year

  • 2021-11-01
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YOFC Poliron Indústria e Comércio LTDA (hereinafter referred to as "YOFC-Poliron"), a Brazilian wholly-owned subsidiary of Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as "YOFC", Stock code: 601869.SH, 06869.HK), recently received "2021 Great Place to Work in Brazil" Certification from the Great Place to Work Institute (the global authority on building, sustaining and recognizing high-trust and high-performing workplace cultures) for the third consecutive year.


YOFC-Poliron is committed to high-quality customer services in compliance with high standards, innovation and continuous organizational improvement, as well as improved service and workplace standards.

“We are very proud of the "2021 Great Place to Work” Certification granted by the Great Place to Work Institute. We firmly believe that it is humanistic care of the company that makes us preeminent. YOFC-Poliron is committed to encouraging personal development of employees with communication, and material and emotional support to enable them to complete their tasks more efficiently. Rather than shouting empty slogans of diversity, inclusiveness, and innovation, we indeed integrate them in corporate culture and business development as integral components. We ensure that all employees can be who they are in workplace without any burden." said proudly Guilherme Manente, Managing Director of YOFC-Poliron.

From an internal perspective, "Great Place to Work" Certification is the most definitive recognition of "engagement" and "referral" achieved by YOFC-Poliron. It is the result of employees' full understanding and recognition of YOFC-Poliron's brand concepts which have been integrated in internal HR process and procedures, and the evidence of positive experiences gained by employees during brand building of YOFC-Poliron. Contributed by scientific and innovative HR management mode, a large proportion of employees refer to YOFC-Poliron as a great place to work, indicating that value propositions of YOFC-Poliron are fully implemented by its employees.


From an external perspective, the value of "Great to Work" Certification mainly lies in the recognition of "attention", "reputation" and "attraction" of YOFC-Poliron. In other words, it is officially recognized that YOFC-Poliron receives continuous and high level of attention on social media platforms, earns positive reputation from social communities, and establishes itself as a workplace where potential candidates and students are highly willing to join.


YOFC- Poliron, empowered by an excellent and professional team, will provide better services to customers and endeavor to realize its strategic objectives in the future.

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